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Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

26 maart 2014
Unraveling Glucocorticoid Resistance in MLL-rearranged Infant Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
J.A.P. Spijkers-Hagelstein

12 maart 2014
Unraveling Prednisolone Resistance in Pediatric Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: Towards personalized targeted therapy
I.M.A.A. Ariës

26 februari 2014
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: From Phenotype to Genotype
Y.V. Louwers

7 februari 2014
Gender Differences in Melanoma Progression and Survival
A. Joosse

4 februari 2014
Overweight in 5-year-old Children: Assessment and Risk Factors
L. Veldhuis

Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen